Love Wins Wristbands

I designed these simple wristbands as gifts for the amazing LGBTQ friends and family in my life.

I’m straight, and have been happily married to my amazing husband for almost 2 decades.

I’ve never thought it was fair that others were denied the same right to be legally married to the person they love, and for that reason, I’m a proud ally to humans of all genders and orientations.

The world can be tough, and I’m all for anything that brings a bit more love into this place we call home.

The wristbands use approximately 2-3 grams of each yarn, for a total of 6g wristbands.
You’ll also need size US8 / 5mm circular needles, scissors, and a darning needle.

This pattern uses the Chinese Waitress Cast-on, and Dolly Quinn’s Imitation i-Cord Bindoff.

Terms of Use:
Seriously, is there anything more annoying than getting a free pattern and having the designer be all “but you can only make this out of blue yarn, never out of silk, I recommend only knitting during the new moon, and you can only give one item made from the pattern to a worthy recipient on the 2nd Tuesday in March”???
Honestly, be fair. Don’t say you made up the pattern, because that’s not nice. Otherwise? Use it however you like. If you want to make wristbands to give away or sell them to raise money so you can nally a ord that emu farm you’ve had your eye on, more power to you 😉
You may also want to consider volunteering with at-risk youth (rates of suicide and attempted suicide among LGBTQ people are horrifically high. So knit some of these and hand them out and show up to support humanity!)

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