Philophrosyne in space

Space Kitty

So it was 1am and I had insomnia, and I had pictures of my husband’s cat Philophrosyne, and an editing app…

The next morning, I showed this nonsense to colleagues and they were all “Uh, we’d wear that!” and so I designed a mask for giggles.

Then, people were like “NO, SERIOUSLY, we’d wear that! We mean it!” so I tweaked the design, cleared up the cropping, adjusted colour, and generally treated it like it was something I’d meant to do all along instead of insomnia-fueled cat jokes to bug my husband.

Enjoy Space Kitty! The file and instructions for getting your very own Space Kitty mask are below the pictures.

Philophrosyne in space IMG_0545 2

To Make a Mask:

  • Go to and upload the file you just downloaded from here.
  • Once it’s uploaded, click “Placement” and then “Fill and Zoom”.
  • Click “Done”, review your design, and order all the masks you want 🙂

I find the Adult Large to be a good fit for my wide face, but do check the size chart and measure.


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