German Short Rows

I discovered German Short Rows when working the amazing Iddo hat, by Heidrun Liegmann.
While standard “Wrap and Turn” short rows aren’t that complicated to do, I’m always looking for new methods. The German Short Row eliminates looking for and picking up the wrap, and I find it to be a speedier method to work, with fewer holes or loose stitches.

Written Instructions:

Work to the stitch indicated in your pattern, knitting the stitch.
Turn your work.
Insert the right needle into the last stitch worked on the left needle, as if to purl, and slip the stitch to the right needle.
Place the yarn into position to begin knitting, giving a firm tug on the yarn.
This creates the “Double Stitch”, distorting the stitch until both legs are pulled over the needle.
Continue knitting, repeating the steps above for each short row needed.

To finish working the stitch, knit until you come to the first double or distorted stitch. Insert the needle into the stitch, treating both legs as if they were a single leg.
Knit the stitch as normal.

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