Since my first knitting lesson in 2008, I’ve devoted many hours to learning all I can about knitting. While I’ll always be learning, I’ve decided to share what I know with others on this knitting adventure!

What You’ll Get

  • Free Patterns – I’ve published several patterns in the past, in various locations, that are also available here.
  • Exclusive Patterns – Patterns just for members here!
  • Tutorials

What You’ll Learn

  • The goal of this site is to provide tutorials in multiple knitting styles (Continental, English, and Flicking – or picking, throwing, and flicking, if you prefer*.)
  • In addition, each tutorial will be provided in video, gif, photo, and written form, with a concentration on close-up, well-lit, and slowly formed stitches.**
  • Talking is kept to an absolute minimum.

Why those formats?

When I teach classes, it seems to be pretty evenly split amongst those styles. Some people prefer to have the directions written, and some need to see it.
When I’m taking a class, or watching a tutorial online, I like to focus on the stitch(es), so I’m teaching as I prefer to be taught.

*Continental is my native knitting language, so that’s what tutorials are initially provided in. However, I’ll do my best to fulfill requests for other styles as I go along!
**Some tutorials work best in one or two formats only – but I’m always happy to expand on any given tutorial if needed.