Call for Testers – Double the Fun

Looking for testers of all experience levels!

That means:

  • You’ve never before knit socks, but you do know knitting basics such as knitting in the round, increases, decreases, and cables (links to tutorials available.)
  • You’ve knit socks, but maybe never toe up, or you’ve only ever done a short row/afterthought heel, and you’re looking to expand your sock knitting portfolio.
  • You’ve knit socks a lot, you could knit them in your sleep, and you really don’t expect to learn anything new in this pattern but you DO love to point out things that are unclear, or that might trip up sock newbies.

What I need:

Feedback – lots of feedback! Is there a problem with the pattern – a typo, an unclear instructions, incorrect stitch counts?

Are you confused by a technique? Is the pattern inaccessible in some way that could be improved upon?

My ego isn’t tied up in this – clarity and accessibility are my two main goals, so I will actively solicit feedback.

Publicity – I know lots of folks aren’t on Ravelry right now, and also that lots of folks avoid Facebook and other social media outlets, which is why I’m conducting testing on my own site.

That being said, if you are on Ravelry, Facebook, Instagram, etc…I’d like you to post your project, tagging me as designer, and using a couple of specific hashtags.

What you get:

Besides bragging rights? You’ll get access to the pattern, and then a final copy of the completed pattern once testing is concluded.

Back of a sock in progress in blue, pink, and purple - showing the beginning of a gusset.The plan is to offer this pattern on a donation basis, raising money for LGBTQIA+ charities, but you’ll not be asked to make any donations.

In addition, if you’re on Ravelry, I can add the completed pattern to your library.

For those who would like me to do so, I’ll be happy to add your name/social media account in the pattern credits and on my social media.

Testing Deadlines:

While I’m eager to publish the pattern, I also know that people knit at different speeds, and I want to (again!) make even testing as accessible as possible.

Short, ankle-length socks, pictured on size 13 feet. Socks are blue, pink, and purple, with a cable pattern on top. Close up of a sock in progress in pink, blue, and purple. A cable pattern crosses over and over again on the front of the sock. Back of a sock in progress in blue, pink, and purple - showing the beginning of a gusset.
Consent(Required) Testing runs from July 6, 2021 to July 31, 2021.
Tester agrees to offer feedback on pattern clarity, instructions, stitch counts, etc.
Tester will tag designer / share project on any available social media of their choosing, and is undertaking this voluntarily.
Access to the test pattern, amendments, and final pattern are the sole compensation for testing.

Pattern Credits(Required)
Social Media Account for Pattern Credit

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