Chevron Pint Jar Cozy

A quick and easy cozy for your favourite pint-size glass jar! I actually got so tired of mis-matched glass sets, easily broken glassware,and the like, that I tossed all the remnants and invested in a dozen pint-size Mason jars.

They are perfect for hot or cold drinks, and I’m making cozies to keep warm drinks warm and cool drinks cool.

Prefer a quart-size drink? This pattern is super easy to size up, as well.

• Emily Ocker’s Circular Cast On
• Magic Loop
• ksb Increase (Knit into front of stitch, Slip the back)
• ptbl (Purl through the back loop)
• Left and Right Lifted Increases
• Centred Double Decrease
• Imitation I-cord Bind-off
• Scraps of Worsted Weight Yarn; about 20g total
• 40” Circular Needle, size US 8 (5mm)
• Darning Needle
• US G (4mm) Crochet Hook, for cast on

Note: The lid on my mug is a Cuppow, and I absolutely adore it – because it means I can bring my coffee in the car with fewer spills!
That link is an affiliate link; earning a little here and there helps offset my hosting costs 🙂

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