Bilateral Toque – Free Pattern for a Reversible Hat

So, you know how you knit a hat for someone you love, and it fits them great, and they declare it just perfect…and you see them wearing it later and realize they are wearing it inside out? And then it drives you up the wall but you don’t want to embarrass them by pointing it out so you kinda grit your teeth and keep your mouth shut but it irritates your eyeballs every time you see it?

No? Just me?

Even so…I decided to share my newly-released fully reversible, looks great from either side hat pattern with you all 🙂

I’ve knit it twice from this pattern, but since I’m my own test knitter and tech editor, I don’t make any promises that it’s flawless. If you have any difficulties with it, please feel free to comment here, or reach out to me on Ravelry.

You’ll need 100g of yarn; each one takes about 80g of yarn so 100g will give you plenty to spare.
I used a size 7 needle for DK weight, and a size 9 needle for worsted weight. Use whatever size needle gives you the gauge listed, to knit in the round in your preferred method (Magic Loop, DPN’s, 2 Circulars).

Stitches Used:
Purl Through the Back Loop
Chinese Waitress Caston

Errata: At the end of each row, after the stitch repeat, the correct pattern is repeat until last stitch, k1.

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