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JMCO – Tubular Cast On

Judy’s Magic Cast-on can be used as an easy way to create a tubular cast-on for 1/1 ribbing, with very little wasted yarn.
You’ll need a circular needle and a spare needle of the same size.

Written Instructions

  • Using JMCO, cast on the amount of stitches needed.
    (For example, if you need 40 stitches, you will have 20 on each needle.)
  • Knit one round.
  • Hold both needles with stitches in your left hand, with the points facing right.
  • Using the third needle, slip stitches purl-wise – beginning with a knit stitch, and then a purl.
  • Transfer all stitches to the third needle, and either join to knit in the round, or knit flat.

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