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Two Colour Twisted German Cast On

This gives a very stretchy cast-on, good for socks worked from the top-down, hats worked bottom-up, or any other edge where you need to be able to have the edge stretch as much as the knitting.
I’ve used it in the Peerie Hat pattern, available here.

This cast-on presumes a working knowledge of a standard long-tail cast-on.

Written Instructions:

Tie two colours together into a slip knot, and place on needle. This will not be counted as a stitch.

Position one colour over your thumb, one over your index finger, and begin by wrapping the needle behind both strands on the thumb. Using the needle, pull the strand furthest away from you underneath the closest strand, making the yarns twist.

Continue reaching with the needle, and pull the strand from your index finger towards you, and through the twisted loop.

Drop the yarn from your thumb, and tug to tighten it to the needle.

Rotate the yarns, so the colours are now in opposite positions, with the first colour now over your index finger.

Repeat these motions, switching colours with every stitch for a 1×1 colour change, or in the sequence needed for your pattern.

As complicated as this sounds, watch the video – it’s easier than it seems! 😉

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