Socks of Happiness

socks of happiness collageThere’s a story behind these socks – I spotted the yarn on an excursion to a yarn store far afield. I gasped, and snatched it up, and said “This is the happiest yarn I’ve ever seen!”
The clerk raised an eyebrow, but at $28 a skein she wasn’t about to tell me I was weird. 😉
I hadn’t planned to make socks with it…the yarn is a lovely blend of silk, alpaca, wool, and nylon from Misti Alpaca.
It’s immensely soft and deliciously squishy, and that means it doesn’t actually work all that well for socks. It felts and wears through a little faster than I’d like, and if it lasts two years, that’s pushing it.
So I was going to be all responsible and make a shawlette and enjoy the yarn for years and years.
But you know what? I actually don’t wear shawlettes.
I do wear socks.
And I decided that even knowing that the socks won’t last like a workhorse sock yarn would – I’d rather enjoy socks for a couple of years than spend time making something I wouldn’t wear and have it last forever.
These took exactly a week to make – I estimate about 17 hours into them, squeezed in over the weekend and in the evenings.
Ravelry Page: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/tatmom/socks-of-happiness


  • Toe-up
  • Two-at-a-Time
  • Magic Loop
  • Bottom Gusset
  • Eye of Partridge Heel
  • Sewn Tubular Bind-off


  • SSK
  • K2tog
  • YO
  • Twisted Rib

See anything you’d like to learn? Please let me know in the comments below!

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